CONFLUENCE- Division F Annual Conference

“Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.”

-Herbert Hoover


1st May 2016-The name  Confluence was coined as the named for the Division F conference. Though it was a stand alone conference, the division itself is so diverse that there is  a merger of talent and diversities on a single platform.  The event brought together toastmasters across Mangalore, Manipal  and Mysore to battle it out for the coveted title of being division champions.


The Division Director and her team decided to not settle for the obvious venue  for the crucial event and fixed  Infosys Mudipu as the location  for the whole division to meet. A 20 km ride for the delegates was made memorable, thanks to the well  organised carpool facility.

With her word play, TM Meghana the energetic emcee for the day  kept the audience glued.  To welcome to  audience Conference Chair TM Vedanth Ravi  was called up on, to add grace to the inaugural TM Jyotsna welcomed the audience with a classical dance and to add motivation DTM Samina Nayak renderd the inspiration speech . She made a point stating “Today’s speakers should be an inspiration”.

As an action of gratitude, the dignitaries present at the gathering  DTM Gauri Seshadri, DTM Arjun Raj Urs , TM Pawas Chandra  and DTM Geetha Prasanna were handed over goodie bags from the organizing committee.

gauri s

An Educational session by DTM Gauri Seshadri was next up in the agenda. Our District Director confessed that she joined toastmasters to overcome her fear to talk to strangers. Further in her address she questioned the audience as to “why we climb the mountain , just because its there?”. Gauri urged the potential contestants to get out of their comfort zone, its very important to know your audience and each contestant  had 7 minutes to touch the hearts of the audience. Toastmasters is not just about communication, its about leadership too. Being a leader, you get 6 months to 1 year to inspire the  audience and that is communication. As a leader you send somebody else  on the stage and you be the spot light on them.


After the DD’s  inspirational talk it was a response to stimulus test for the 8 Table  Topic Contestants . The contest chair TM Leanza D’Souza briefed the rules and the guidelines. The Chief Judge for the day DTM Geetha Prassana flagged off the contest. The contestants  order was  as below:

TM C K Ballal

TM Achala Bhat

TM Sagnik Biswas

TM Neil Coelho

TM Sudeep Narsipur

TM Karen Tellis

TM Vidya Shenoy

TM Yashswi Narayan

The topic given “ If you had a time machine”.

The participants, went into their past and  future years, one  contradicted the need to use a time machine  and one asked for a choice to be born with a whole new identity.


After some food for the soul, food for the stomach was served with grace. A quick catching up with friends across the division was followed by  PQD DTM  Arjun Raj Urs address.  He threw a thunderball of word, making each one think about,  How fluent are you when the stakes are high?


The International prepared speech contest was orchestrated by TM Anubhav Ghosh. The speakers for the day were

TM Ravindranatha, in his speech “I love you all because I love you all”,  spoke on how love demolishes all barriers .

The speech on “Sugar Spice and everything nice” delivered by TM Brian Fernandes threw a fresh light into the old saying men are from mars and women are from venus.

TM Shagufta spoke about the adventures of her 22 member family whom she called “Khan’s of Ramgadh” in  “Begin beautiful”.

“Throw yourself Open”, came directly out of  TM Achala Bhat’s travel diaries.

“A suitcase of Joy”  was delivered in TM Sudeep Narsipur’s 7 minute speech.

TM Flexon Fernandes, spoke about how important it is to “Let it go”.

TM Shivna Tiwari, showcased that the power of belief makes you believe “ Its going to be alright”

TM Rohit Koka, knelt down to demonstrate “When you are knelling, you are felling”.

After the prepared speech contestit was TM Pawas Chandra turn to deliver his CGD’s address. He  started on a funny note, however he progressed  to emphasize, Words do matter. In his parting notes he said stay with toastmasters and stay engaged.

district council

The vote of thanks was rendered by the epitome of grace, the Divison Director at her home turf DTM Malini Hebbar. In a class act she highlighted the traits, strengths and power of the top 4 district officers and her division council and how its culminated in creating excellence. The eager moments of the announcements of results had arrived.

Table topics Contest:


Winner – TM Sudeep Narsipur

1st Runner Up- TM Sagnik Biswas

2nd Runner Up- TM Achala Bhat

 International Prepared Speech Contest:


Winner – TM Flexon  J Fernandes

1st Runner Up – TM Sudeep Narsipur

2nd Runner Up- TM Rohit Koka

A joy ride away from the city concluded with a nice spread at the dinning table. A buzzing dining room indicated that all the delegates echoed the belief that it was a sunday well invested.

 Written by Divyashree Gatti

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