DivIIne 2016- Divine E and I Annual Conference

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

-Henry Ford

        The Start

30th April 2016- It was a bright Saturday morning when toastmasters of Division I and E, put on their best suits and gathered at the fancy hotel – The Courtyard of Marriot, Marathahalli. They were greeted at the Registration desk by happy faces of TM Anikesh Sasmal and TM Rajashekharan.


Further inside the hall, the sharp tongued and quick witted MoCs of the day,TM  Vanitha and TM Vaibhav welcomed the guests and commenced the conference. They entertained the audience by asking guests and dignitaries, amusing personal questions on the pretext of ‘getting to know them better’.

Addresses & Felicitations


No conference begins without a welcome address, so the Conference chair, TM Priyadarshini Karbar  formally welcomed all of us, and also put in a quote or two about leadership in her address.


Later , Division E director TM Sudhanshu Jha ascended the stage only to let us all know that he was going to get married in another 82 hours.

Then followed our District Director DTM Gauri Seshadri’s monologue and the Club growth director,  TM Pawas Chandra’s epilogue.

All the addresses were insightful, inspiring and contained excessive amounts of mutual adulations.

The Table Topics Contest- Division E


The Contest Chair TM Preethi Jaypal called out her contestants to speak on the topic “A stitch in time saves nine”, and the contestants tried their best to stitch their thoughts together on the topic in their given little time.

TM Amogh George

TM Tanya Bagga

TM Aurobindo

TM Eshwar Subrahmanya

TM Vivek Tonapi

TM Nikhil Rao

TM KVM Kishore

TM Kaustubh Rajendran

However, there could be just 3 winners and here are they:


Winner: TM  KVM Kishore

First Runner up: TM Vivek Tonapi

Second Runner up: TM Amogh George


The Table Topics Contest- Division I

Div I TT

The young charming Contest Chair, TM Roshni Bajaj called for her contestants to speak on the topic “Goals Vs Dreams”. Some contestants said both meant the same, some said they were altogether different and some said one lead to the other.  I’m sure that by the end of the contest, the audience forgot all about their own goals.

Three people however, stood the test, and emerged winners:


Winner:  TM Chetana Patricia Lobo

First Runner up: TM  Aalap Mehta

Second Runner up: TM Shivalingesh Arani

The Sumptuous Buffet

Even before lunch time arrived, when the Division I Table Topics Speaker, TM  Harish had hinted about having seen hot Gulab Jamuns on the buffet table, the mouths of the audience had started watering, Moc Vanitha’s stomach grumbling & everyone’d started seeing visions of an alternate universe completely made of Gulab Jamuns.

So we had no choice but to break for lunch. And Oh, what a spread it was! Hot pulao, Indian breads, and delicious desserts. Apple Salad won the contest of being the best salad ever.

Chief Guest Time! RJ Darius Sonawala


Area I2 Director, TM Divya Kamath stepped on to the stage to reveal that meeting an RJ in flesh and blood was her biggest dream (or was that a goal..?One would never know after that contest, would they?) And thus, that dream of convenience was finally fulfilled, thanks to Toastmasters, because—wait for itRJ Darius Sonawala was in the house!

After that introduction and invitation, Darius came on to the stage and gave us a sneak peek into his farmhood er..I’m sorry, childhood! He also narrated hilariously, his journey to becoming an RJ.

Not just that he gave us tips on public speaking and answered questions on how it was different from Radio Jockeying. Basically, you suit-up for one and pajama-up for another.


International Speech Contest- Division I


When the Contest Chair is TM Krishna Balaji, you can be rest assured that amusing moments are in store. And he kept up to his name.

The Chief Judge for the contest was TM Pawas Chandra

The speeches were thoughtful, motivating and inspiring. Some were even tests of our tear-holding-back abilities. But the winner took our breath away with an irrefutable slogan “Mend it like Manju… or move on!”

So the winners were:


Winner: TM Prathiba Shenoy

First Runner up:  TM Hareesh J

Second Runner up: TM Suresh Kalyanakrishnan


International Speech Contest- Division E

The Contest chair, the very energetic TM Chandramouli made sure the Contest was conducted in the best of manners. The Chief Judge for the contest was DTM Suhas Kumar . The contest was literally a war of words



TM Kaustubh Rajendran
TM K V M Kishore
TM Pratim  Ghosh
TM Amogh George
TM Sonali Gupta
TM Mir Raza
TM  Agnel Worth
TM Vinay Kumar A N

The  3 winners that took home the glory were:


Winner: TM Agnel Worth

First Runner up:  TM KVM Kishore

Second Runner up: TM Sonali Gupta

The Final Address by the Division I Director

On the last leg of the conference, DTM Rajkumar Bansal ascended the stage to tell us that last-minute doers were actually more creative. I was very happy to hear that until he said that it did not  mean the non-procrastinators were that bad either.

I think the point was that both kinds were needed for a project’s success. So I guess that would excuse my delay in writing this opinionated report.

The Good Bye… until next time


It wasn’t a simple ‘Good Bye’. It was a ‘See you at coronation 2016’ , ‘Are you selling your ticket’ and  ‘Hey! Will you vote for me?’

And most of the Toastmasters kept up to their culture of “stay back to network until you get yourself overwhelmed”.

Written by Yeshwanthi Ramkumar


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