Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Jan & Feb ’16

“Leadership, is unlocking people’s potential to become better”

– Bill Bradley

For a toastmaster, being continuously involved in the process of learning, training, imbibing and imparting knowledge; especially that of good leadership through different forums is a part of the journey we have embarked upon. And one such important forum is the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) where you get to acquire knowledge and interact with the novice and the leaders of the district through sessions and discussions in order to equip ourselves for the upcoming term.

During the last month district 92 organized TLI sessions in Bangalore on the 24th and 31st of January, in Mangalore on the 31st January and in Kochi on 7th February. Here is a little sneak-peak of the process behind the ‘leaders in the making’.

Bangalore – 24th & 31st January 


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Bangalore witnessed the TLI program on the 24th of January at the CMS Jain University, Lalbagh Road and on the 31st of January at IFIM Business School, Electronic City. Veterans and newbies gathered in large numbers on both occasion to learn, share, inspire and to be inspired.

The first set of sessions was for new club office bearers i.e., the Presidents, Vice Presidents- Education, Vice Presidents- Membership, Vice Presidents- Public Relations, Secretaries, Treasurers and Sergeants at Arms, to educate them about their roles and responsibilities for the successful running of their clubs.

The President of the club is the pied piper who presides and motivates others. TM Teja Priyanka and TM Balaji beautifully demonstrated the responsibilities a club president has as a chief of the club.


The VP Education is the driving force behind the club who inspires members to achieve their goals of communication and leadership in good time. TM Chimmu Kutty spoke to the newly elected VP’s of Education and instructed them on their responsibilities.

The strength and pride of any club is its members. Adding and retaining members is the prime responsibility of VP Membership. TM Rakshith Bhagavath illustrated the vitality of VP Membership and shared few tips on retaining members.


Networking, promoting, effective usage of tools like the newsletter, website and social media for showcasing the happenings of the club is the role of VP Public Relations. and shared tips and techniques for building healthy public relations to showcase their clubs to the outside world.

Networking, promoting, effective usage of tools like the newsletter, website and social media for showcasing the happenings of the club is the role of VP Public Relations. TM Sarika Rangani and TM Kynan D’souza shared tips and techniques for building healthy public relations to showcase their clubs to the outside world.

Documenting the clubs’ growth, noting the minutes of meetings, maintaining a log of guests are prominent to track the progress of the club and is the role of the secretary. TM Santosh Sharma undertook the session for the secretaries and updated them on their role.

Treasurer ensures that the members pay their dues on time and manages the financial requirements of the club. TM Priyadarshini Karbar handled the session and educated the new treasurers about the same.

For every successful meeting logistics are imperative. The sergeant-at-arms is responsible for this. TM Poornima and TM Nishok A. gave an insight on the importance of the effective logistics management in a meeting and also on how to kick start meetings which is the breakthrough for a successful meeting.

After the individual sessions, a set of elective education sessions were organized to train and educate the toastmasters on other challenges the clubs might face and the ways to overcome them.

The first set of elective sessions were – The Distinguished Track & Strong Membership.


The basic goal and dream of any club would be the achievement of the distinguished status. This session was spearheaded by TM Pearl Fernandes who explained how to set the right foresight to be on the distinguished track and achieve the status within a single term.


The session on attracting more members and retaining them was handled by the district club growth director, TM Pawas Chandra who illustrated the need to set membership goals for the club and engage officers and members in achieving them.

The second set of electives were – Education Awards & Corporate Clubs



DTM Arjun Raj Urs explained the importance of making a plan for our educational track and explained how to achieve them in good time. This not only helps the club prosper but makes us individuals of quality and helps us in every sphere of life.


There is an immense growth of corporate clubs lately but the important factor is to keep them thriving and to achieve the purpose with which they started. The session on the necessity of sustaining corporate clubs was taken by DTM Chandramouli G.

Following the education sessions was an address by the District Director, DTM Gauri Sheshadri. TM Sudhanshu Jha gave an insight about the upcoming annual district conference – Coronation ’16 to be held in our own city of Bangalore which was followed by a presentation about Nexus, an interclub sporting event which will be held on 28th of February.

Mangalore – 31st January

This time around, the early risers of Mangalore decided to make TLI an evening affair. Not only club officers, but also the members flocked in on the 31st of January at ICAI Bhavan, Mahindra Archade. Greeted with some delightful local delicacies the days’ program began at 4 PM sharp.

The charming Division Director DTM Malini Hebbar made the participants feel at ease with an ice breaker activity. TM Geetha Prasanna, the district public relations manager was present at the event. She took the audience through a session on How to help Members Achieve their Educational Goals.

A Panel discussion for all the club presidents was next on the agenda. DTM C. K. Ballal moderated this session and enthralled us with his wit.


Recognition and rewards always push us to strive for more. District 92 has its own set of awards and TM Geetha Prasanna made the audience well verse with the awards at stake for this term.

One of the highlights of this TLI program were small innovative activities by DTM Malini in between the sessions. This created an opportunity for all the members to interact with each other and also exhibit creative and fun ideas which was well received by the audience.

Last session by TM Geetha Prasanna focused on the most crucial aspect for every club officer – the growth of one’s club. A detailed presentation on Building Strong Membership was conducted by her which was followed by a short and crisp workshop by TM Savita Salian and TM Shashikanth.

Ideas to build a strong club and a road map for the next 5 months was topped with some yummy food and lively repartee among fellow toastmasters.

Kochi – 7th February

On the 7th of February toastmasters across Kerala gathered at the Albertian Institute of Science and Technology to up skill themselves on the goals for the upcoming term.

The meeting started at 1 PM with the MC of the day TM Nisha Mathew kick starting the event. TM Rithwick Das was the Sargent at Arms for the day. The gathering was welcomed by TM Vineeth R and was followed by a message by the two division directors of division G and division H – DTM Nagarajan P A and TM Jose V J, respectively.

The star of the day was the district 92 program quality director, DTM Arjun Raj Urs who inspired the gathering to achieve their educational goals. He emphasized the four elements of leadership; to motivate, to guide, to appeal, and to develop. He also urged the club officers to find out what their members dream to achieve and align their aspirations with the toastmasters’ vision.

Up next was another stalwart of our district, the district administration manager TM Jaikumar C Pillai who chalked out ways for building a sturdy membership base for the clubs.

What then followed was a brief on the various rewards and recognitions for toastmasters in district 92 which was dealt by DTM Arjun Raj Urs. TM Lisamma Joseph then introduced the district 92 leadership team for 2015-2016.

At 3:00 PM we took a break for tea and snacks, following which each of the officers gathered for their individual sessions. The presidents of all clubs grouped under DTM Nirmala Lilly, the VP’s of educations and secretaries under TM Nevil J Paul, VP’s of memberships and treasures under TM Kurian TK and the VP’s of public relations and SAA’s under TM Rekha Mathews.

What followed next was the council meetings of both division G and division H in two separate venues. TM Jaikumar C Pillai made announcements regarding the district annual conference – Coronation ’16. DTM Arjun Urs was presented with a memento and the other role players were also recognized. TM George Mathai delivered the vote of thanks. The event concluded at 5:30 in the evening.

Every end is a new beginning. Likewise, the conclusion of the TLI program across district 92 marked the beginning of the new term.


Written by – Rohit Sharma, Chandana Srinivas, Divyashree Gatti & Neil Gonsalves (District PR team)