Toastmasters Leadership Institute| Bangalore| 26th July, 2015

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more… you are a leader.”

– John Quiney Adams

26th July, on a bright Sunday morning leaders of various clubs from across Bangalore walked in to the portals of CMS Jain College, Bangalore for the district sponsored leadership training called the TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) program. With a whopping 500+ registrations, this event was a sight to behold.

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The first thing on the agenda for the day were the individual sessions for each of the club officers. Every club officer had an opportunity to interact with some of the experienced leaders of our district and understand what their roles and responsibilities towards their club and the district will be.

President is the pillar of the club. He presides over the meetings,welcomes guests, inspires his team of office bearers and ensures the smooth sailing of this club. DTM Chandramouli Godhandaraman spoke to all our new Presidents and explained them their duties.He reminded them that the gavel is not just a symbol of power but also responsibilities.

Vice President – Education is the second ranking in the officer and takes care of the members educational and leadership needs. Our new VP’s of Education were carefully guided by the able channelling of TM Arjun Sundar Raj.

Vice President – Membership is responsible for meeting the clubs membership objectives and also retaining them by ensuring that their every need has been catered to. TM Pearl Fernandes spoke to VP’s of Membership and shared her very handy tips to handle membership crisis effectively.

Vice President – Public Relations makes his club visible in the district and helps in building bonds with other clubs. This session was taken by TM Sarika Rangani. She explained that the prerequisites for doing good public relations work is networking and effective use of various tools at their disposal, such as social media,websites and newsletters.

Treasurer is ensures that the members have paid their dues on time and takes care of all the monetary requirements of the club. TM Prasanna Kumar spoke to the new treasurers. He explained their responsibilities and also told them how the club could raise funds for themselves. He answered every question they had for him.

Secretary is one among those silent leaders whose services are vital to any club. TM Godfrey Soans gave a detailed account of the responsibilities of a clubs secretary. He instructed them to attend the meetings regularly, take notes about the on goings and to maintain a log of the guests attending their meetings.

Sergeant-at-arms kick starts every meeting. He arranges logistics and is responsible for running every successful meeting. This session was taken by TM Poornima Srinivasan. She explained that the duties of a sergeant-at-arms are numerous, be it at a regular club meeting or at a contest.

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After the individual sessions for each office bearers, our young leaders attended elective sessions which were organized with an idea of giving them insight into the various other challenges that clubs face and how to overcome them using tried and tested methods. They had an option to choose two among the 4 electives. The first set of electives were – How to be a Distinguished Club in Six Months and Motivating Members through Goal Setting.

How to be a Distinguished Club in Six Months:

Our District Chief Judge, DTM Suhas Kumar explained how any new club could achieve the ‘Distinguished’ status in 6 months by following some simple ethos that also help build a quality club. He urged the club leaders to:

  • Keep track of every member’s progress and push them to do better.
  • Encourage members to finish their CC’s, CL’s and other leadership and educational awards in good time.
  • Maintain membership growth.
  • Attend conferences, training programs and participate in networking.

Motivating Members through Goal Setting:

TM Kavya Gowda, our former District PRO instructed the leaders how it was important for a club to have a full-fledged plan right at the start of the term and how to go about achieving it. She spoke about the three circle model – Task, Team and Individual. She explained how achieving one would in turn benefit the other, thus forming a strong foundation for the entire club. She said that it was important for club leaders to first be motivatedtowards achieving the clubs goals and the members would soon follow their league.


After a quick interactive tea break, participants gathered for the next set of electives which were – Moments of Truth and DCP Reports and Club Central.

Moments of Truth:

Moments of truth is an effective way of collecting feedback from members about its current standing and recognizing the pain points. The District Club Growth Officer, TM Pawas Chandra walked the members through each element of MOT and explained how they have been designed to create a healthy, social surrounding where members can grow through mutual support. Participants were divided into groups so that discus the various segments of MOT and exchange ideas with leaders from other clubs.

DCP Reports and Club Central:

The District Public Relations Manager, TM Geetha Prasanna spoke about the importance of the Distinguished Club Program.  She walked the participants through the toastmaster international website and showed them how to generate DCP reports, pay dues online, update club and officers’ information, etc.


After a momentous day full of fun, learning and networking our newly trained leaders decided to call it a day. This was the fourth and concluding rendition of the TLI program for district 92.

Written by – Vivek Nagaraj

Toastmasters Leadership Institute| Mangalore| 26th July, 2015

“Even eagles need a push!”

The Toastmaster Leadership Institute program that was held in Mangalore on the 26th of July, 2015 ascertained this statement by making us realize that even the best speakers and leaders needed a push in order to strive towards greater heights and achieve excellence. The TLI was a platform for us to learn, interact, inspire and be inspired.

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It began on a pleasant Sunday morning which was blest with the perfect amount of drizzle and sunshine, ensuring that all toastmasters walked in with smiles that lit up the room.

“Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time”


We were welcomed by the Emcee for the day, TM Malini Hebbar who enraptured us with her with and cynical humor. She took to the stage with grace, much like a beautiful bollywood star and saw to it that everybody felt comfortable and at ease throughout the event.


We had a great opening where the letters T,L,I were stuck onto the Toastmasters banner along with a cut out of a majestic eagle. Area Directors, TM Poorvi, TM Vedanth and TM Savitha Salian along with District 92 – Program Quality Director, TM Arjun Raj Urs were called upon to perform this symbolic opening.


The first session, ‘Awards and Recognition’ was conducted by TM Arjun Raj Urs who briefed us on the various awards and recognition and ignited the spirit of ambition and willful determination in each and every one of us.

“Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes”

With this being said, we began our Officers Training Program (OTP) where we were divided into three groups.


The Presidents and the Sergeant at Arms of all the clubs had their session together which was conducted with great zeal and enthusiasm by TM Akshay and TM Shridhar Kamath.


The three Vice Presidents – VP Education, VP Membership and VP Public Relations were grouped together and taught the essentials of being an efficient and knowledgeable team by TM Brian, TM Savitha and TM Sushil Kumar.


TM Rajat Shetty and TM Bhavana conducted the session for the Secretary and Treasurers of all the clubs.


After a brief coffee break filled with laughter, networking and inside jokes, we resumed the next half of the event.

TM Malini Hebbar and TM Arjun Raj Urs along with the three area directors handed out the mementos to the dedicated leaders who have been instrumental in the growth of District 92.

“Great men are like eagles and build their nest on lofty solitude”

TM Arjun Raj Urs, conducted his second session on ‘Goal Setting’ where he taught us skills that could not only be applied to our lives as Toastmasters but also to all other spheres of our lives. He encouraged us to reach out to the places which only the eagles would dare.

“Eagles rarely fail to catch their prey”

TM Samina Nayak conducted the ‘Moments of Truth’ session where she innovatively outlined the standards necessary to create a positive first impression about the club, to recognize and deal with the various issues that are critical to a club’s success. The three area directors were called forward to give their views about the clubs in their area.

TM Vedanth gave us a live demo session where he effectively taught us how to navigate through the Toastmasters International website and showed us – tech dummies, that it’s quite a simple task after all.

TM Shashikanth gave us an energetic session on DCP points and how to achieve them in order to gain the prestigious title of ‘Distinguished Club’. He definitely knows how to keep the audience engaged, as he offered us all what we love the most – Cadbury chocolates, if we answered his questions and got the answers right! Oh, what a delight!

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks; and ever thanks”

This is just what TM Deborah said while expressing her gratitude to all of present, who were instrumental in making TLI a grand success and brought the event to its culmination.

“All’s well that ends well”


We were soon provided with a scrumptious south Indian meal to revitalize ourselves and of course, cheerful conversations to keep our minds gleefully stimulated.We left with having made new friends, lots of new learning and memories that will last a lifetime.

Written by – Andrea Castelino