VivAsana – Division B Conference

Vivanasa is excuisite

How do you think one would feel bidding adieu to their bed on a cool Sunday morning? Lousy, isn’t it? For Division B and its members this was not the case.

26th April 2015, 8 AM at Microsoft India, EGL we, the folks of division B bounced off the walls to witness one of the most awaited conferences of the season. While we found a few jittery contestants waiting for the conference to begin, we also found quite a lot of exuberant toastmasters; in line with the name VivAsana, buzzing with excitement.

At half past 9 the conference kick started. The face of Division B, our governor TM Appu Geetha Byju shared his insights on what Toastmasters is and what it is not. A witty incident on how being a toastmaster has helped him impress the potential love of his life had us in splits.

No gathering feels complete without the master of ceremonies.  We had the MC of the day, TM Deepthi Gururaj with a winsome smile and a buoyant attitude take over. According to her, “Opportunities are everywhere. We just need to have an eye for it”. Although she lost the area contest, she made sure she grabbed the opportunity of being the MC for the division conference and she thanked the Conference Chair for giving her the opportunity to take the stage.

Next on stage was the “first man” of district 92, our beloved District Governor, DTM T.K Ramesh. In his profound address he mentioned that the greatest gift to mankind is to let someone be himself/herself without the threat of you leaving. And toastmasters gives us the space to grow and the platform to listen to understand.

Our district LGET, TM Gauri Sheshadri explained how important it is for us to get out of the pond and get into a mighty sea. Instead of being a big fish(toastmaster)  in a small pond, a pond confined to just our clubs alone, she urged the members to be unrestrained and aim to aid other clubs, areas and divisions and dive into a bigger sea.

District LGM TM M.N.Pai, shed light on where we stand with respect to membership dues, awards and how many more membership renewals we need to be a Presidents distinguished club and grab a few more awards to the club, area, division and in turn to the district.

The district pro (as the MC introducedJ), TM Kavya Gowda persuaded us, stating reasons on why one should look forward to attending Coronation 2015. Serene Atmosphere, toothsome food, fascinating culture, nail-biting contests and the World champion himself TM Lance Miller; one would be a fool to miss this offer.

The conference chair, TM Arjun Sundar Raj, the Chief Judge TM Vignesh Selvam, the contest chair TM Jayanth Dash and all other dignitaries were welcomed with a memento as a token of respect.

The Thunderstorm: Table Topics Contest:

After a witty introduction by the MC, the Contest Master for the table topics contest TM Anish D’Souza took charge. Amoung 10 random topics, the chosen one was “We think too much and feel too little”. 9 contestants, 9 perspectives and 9 speeches, this was certainly a sight to watch. Each one of them explicated in their own style of where, why and how do we think too much and feel too little.

High Winds: The Speech Contest:

With the contest master for the international speech contest, TM Nimisha Verma taking over we began the next awaited contest of the day.

The first contestant TM Flexon Fernandes with his beautifully structured speech titled “Let it go!” narrated his epiphanic moment of how an auto driver named Vasudeva taught him a long forgotten yet an important lesson of letting go! Of how anger, fury and being blown up with exasperation can affect our reasoning abilities and how letting it go, can ease out our anxiety.

The second contestant, TM Pradhan M Prakash in his own unique style reported a few instances of his experiences in the past. More often than not, life throws two choices at you. One, which is easy and convenient;  second which is tough but right. It is left to you make the right choice. A well delivered speech titled “The choice of choices”.

The third contestant TM Siddarth S.P, with a squeaky clean demeanor took stage next. With his speech titled “Looking through the eyes” he shared a story of how he disrespected his granddad throughout his stint with his grandparents, and how the sad demise of his granddad has created a void in his life.

As rightly said, “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds”. The fourth contestant TM Nikhil Rao in his speech titled “Super Man”, narrated a story of one such mighty hearted teacher Mr. Raghu, who made a huge difference in the way he looked at life. Of how Raghu sir smiled through his worries and treated students like his own children. The biggest lesson TM Nikhil learnt from this episode is that, all of possess the super powers of a superman; we just need to excavate the superman in us.

The fifth contestant, TM Raghavendra Totamane with his speech titled “Try and try till you succeed” narrated a lesson he learnt from a tiny little worm. His repeated attempts to fetch a job had crumbled down his confidence and how he fought against the odds to regain his lost self-belief was truly heart-warming.

How elated do you feel when someone makes you feel special? How frenzied do you find yourself when someone throws a compliment at you?  The sixth contestant, TM Agnel Worth with his speech titled “Make me feel special” listed down instances of how his parents, wife, friends, relatives and acquaintances make him feel like a hero and how important it is for all of us to make someone else feel the same. A simple yet thought provoking speech by TM Agnel Worth.

Beauty, size and color are just skin deep. The soul is what matters said the seventh contestant TM Priyanka Suma in her speech titled “Fit in or Stand out”. A prickly experience of how her teacher humiliated her in the classroom pointing out on her weight and how she was removed from the dance group for the same reason was portrayed sprucely in the speech. The tale of being abandoned from a dance team to the transformation of how she orchestrated a dance team kept us glued to our seats.

It is easy to crave for someone else’s wealth, it is facile to desire for another’s happiness and it is undemanding to want more; But it takes a lot of courage to carry an attitude of gratitude and be happy with what you have. Last but not the least, the eighth contestant TM Prasad Bramhanandam in his speech titled “Attitude of Gratitude” shared his insights on how he learnt the art of feeling grateful the hard way. A simple yet thought provoking speech by TM Prasad Bramhanandam.

Vibrant delegates, stimulating table topics contest, effervescent international speech contest and box full of goodies, there could not have been a better way to spend a Sunday morning. A much awaited conference with an unconventional name, at half past one had come to an end.

Crescendo- Division C Conference

Crecsendo is power!

-Becca Fitzpatrick


19th April, 2015 – Yet another bright sunny Sunday afternoon in the metropolis of Bengaluru. While most people out there were engrossed in thought of nothing but a sumptuous lunch and a nice nap, toastmasters of Division C did something more exciting.

By 3PM, The Pride Hotel on Richmond road was all decked up and set to host one of the most awaited events of the district 92 calendar- Crescendo- the Division C Annual Conference. As we set foot in the lobby, we were surrounded by the hustle-bustle of the toastmasters everywhere. All neatly dressed up, smiles flashing across the room connecting with old comrades, contestants walking around briskly trying to finish one last rehearsal before the curtains go up, the Division and Area Governors taking one last look at their checklist confirming everything was in place and volunteers greeting us with their warm smiles as we entered the auditorium where it would all transpire.


The flamboyant MC’s for the day, TM Kevin Gonsalves and TM Rakshit Bhagavath soon took to the stage and kick started the show. They kept us engaged throughout the evening with their quick witted humour. Area Governor and conference chair TM Vignesh Selvam welcomed the gathering and explained how Crescendo, the fruit of many a people’s labour was a long awaited event for Division C.


The Division Governor TM Sinoj distributed mementos to all the district officers present at the venue. Sinoj explained how toastmasters has been instrumental to him as it helped him in his professional life. He said, toastmasters has taught him that leadership is all about taking up responsibilities and not making excuses. With 7 new clubs added, division C is on the right track towards earning the Presidents Distinguished status.


The District Governor DTM T. K. Ramesh spoke to the gathering and advised us to free ourselves from past follies and focus on future goals, only then will we be successful in achieving them. Our LGET TM Gauri Sheshadri explained that everything we do as toastmasters at our clubs, effects the District. She asked us to be judges of ourselves, judges of our own fates and in turn judges of our Areas, Divisions and the District at large. TM M. N. Pai, our LGM invited us to work like honey bees for the next two months and help the district achieve its goals. Our PRO TM Kavya Gowda enticed us enough with reasons bolstered of why one should attened Coronation 2015.


By now, it was time for the contests to begin. The charming and ever-smiling contest master for the International Speech Contest TM Ankita Bihani got the contest rolling. The audience was felt with awe as the speakers took to the stage and enthralled them with a plethora of inspiring speeches.

High Winds: The Speech Contest:


The first contestant TM Pramod told us how to look for positives in everything around us and feel lucky even ‘When Life Goes for a Toss’.

 TM Nishant, the second contestant reminded us to be focused on only the things that are within our control, for that is ‘The Only Thing That Matters’.

TM Asan Kumar shared his secret of right decision making. He said, when confronted by a good wolf and a bad wolf, you get to decide which one you want to feed with his speech titled ‘Stop Feeding the Wolf’.

 TM Prasanna Kumar narrated a heartfelt rendition of his long lost pet and companion, Cleo with his speech ‘What’s Your Percent?’

 TM Prashant spoke about the nuances of advertisements we see around in everyday life with his speech ‘Mad Ads or Bad Ads’.

 DTM Deepak Justin in his speech titled ‘Boo!’ advised us that, in life when you face a hiccup, surprise yourself by doing something extraordinary.

 TM Uttiya Majumdar had an interesting message for the audience. Find the right pace in life and enjoy what you do. Depending on the situation decide whether you want to be ‘Fast and Furious or Slow and Curious’.

TM Suraj Rajkumar spoke about the ‘Mr. R’ hidden inside him and how opting to react rather than to respond in the past, has caused him many regrets.

TM Srinivas Gupta spoke on ‘Marriage- a Boon or a Bane’ and entertained us all.

The final speaker was TM Dheeraj Madhuranjan. With his speech titled ‘Shame on You’ Dheeraj took us on a journey through his school days and asked us not to judge a person based on his past mistakes but to look for his true capabilities.

After all those inspirational speeches it was time for a quick break. What followed next was a voluptuous buffet spread across with mouth-watering appetisers, tartlets, sandwiches, pastries and beverages. Everybody had their hearts content, feasting on the delicacies while networking with toastmasters from various clubs and building new bonds.


Up next was an exciting key note address by Mr. Balaji Pasumarthy, an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore and currently the Director of BNI in Bangalore. He spoke on how to create ‘Joy at Work’. He also told us how he has created joy at work for his employees at the Golden Square Business Centre.

The Thunderstorm: Table Topics Contest:


This was followed by the Table Topics Contest. The contest Chair Kynan D’souza took over.


In the lottery of numbers, the topic chosen was ‘Some Desire is Necessary to Keep Life in Motion’. 10 contestants took to the stage and spoke on the topic. After a gruelling battle of table topic speeches, it was finally time for the results.

The Results:

International Speech Contest:

Winner: DTM Deepak Justin
1st Runner up: TM Nishant P. K
2nd Runner up: TM Prasanna T Kumar


Table Topics Contest:

Winner: TM Saveen Hegde
1st Runner up: TM Kausthubh Rajendran
2nd Runner up: TM Mahesh Kolar


It was a day filled with fun, excitement, learning and making new friends. After a very fruitful day, we all dispersed back to our homes with memories that will last a life time and hopes of more such momentous division conferences to soon follow.

PREP Talks with PRs – Division E

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event

Brian Tracy

With a desire to excel, determination to give out their best and dunkirk spirit to sail through rough waters, the participants of Division E were all set with positive fervour. Sleepless nights, panic attacks and nauseating moments have come to a temporary standstill for the Division E winners as they pass a milestone division contest. 

Don’t you want to know what they went through during their prep times? Here’s what the participants had to share:

International Speech Contest-Winner

 TM Ajay Chitharanjan


How did you prepare for the International Speech Contest?

To be honest, I don’t think I have the discipline in me to ‘prepare’ for a speech contest. As cliché as it sounds, I competed at the club level just to share an experience, to share a message I firmly believe in, thanks to a young traveller I had met. At the club level, it worked, at the area level I discovered that my speech could be better. So during the division contest all I had in mind was to be better than what I was during the area contest.

On the day of Ebullience, my friends who were supposed to pick me up arrived an hour late. During that one hour my speech went through major metamorphosis. I still felt that a few pieces of my speech didn’t fit in the way I wanted to. So when the previous speaker was on stage, a few punch lines struck my mind and I tried them out on stage, and it worked! I would never advice this to anyone but believe me, while on stage I happened to time my complete speech for the very first time.

What is your message to the other aspiring contestants of the International Speech Contest?

When you’re at a contest like this, people are bound to have a lot of expectations from you. Do not let that burden you or influence your thinking in any way. Be true to yourself. And remember, you might not always be successful at first. But do not lose hope, keep trying. It took me 6 years to reach here because I did not stop trying.

Table Topic Speech Contest – Winner  

TM Chetana Patricia Lobo


What lessons have you learnt during this contest season which you believe will help you in the future?

Every contest season feels like a journey and every time I take this journey I learn something new. I have learnt, that on the day of the contest I do not look at my fellow contestants as COMPETITORS, because that does not motivate me. I am almost always younger to my co-contestants that does make me nervous. I tell myself that my competition is with me alone. I always attend toastmaster conferences when I can. Because you tend to learn so much just by being a part of the audience and listening to people speak.

What did you think about Ebullience and the show that your Division Governor and his team put up for you?

Division E comprises of Electronic City and it’s full of corporate clubs. So it’s not easy to find people who are driven by the true idea of what toastmasters is all about. People tend to look at everything from a corporate perspective. So finding a team of able leaders is definitely a huge challenge. But our Division Governor, has always managed to put up fantastic shows. During ebullience, I especially appreciate how the organisers greeted everyone. Even the contestant briefing was done very systematically.

International Speech Contest-  2nd Runner up & Table Topic Speech contest- 1st Runner up

TM Tony Francis


TM Tony Francis a member of the IIMB Orators has been a toastmaster since 2000. He has also been a part of the contests for quite some time now but has reached the Division Level only once before. He was the 1st runner up of in the International Speech Contest back then.

Your speech was titled “Born Therefore I am” and you primarily spoke about the importance of being a good Indian and what makes a good Indian. What inspired you to choose this topic?

My country! It’s very important to be a good citizen of any country. This is something I firmly believe in and this is what inspired my speech. I wanted to tell people what they can do as individuals and as part of the society in order to be a good citizen.

People told me there’s a particular line of topics that are preferred at the International Speech Contest and that my topic isn’t what one would call conventional. But I didn’t want to be conventional. I wanted my speech to be something I firmly believed in.

During the contest, which contestant were you impressed by the most?

Rohit Sharma. I loved his conviction and stage presence.

International Speech Contest – 1st Runner Up

TM Aalap Mehta


Aalap Mehta is a member of the Wipro EC Friday Toastmasters Club. He has been a toastmaster for 1 and a half year now. His speech titled “My Punch Line” was a huge hit.

How has being part of contests helped you?

It has changed the approach towards a speech. After being a contestant, I have started preparing each of my project speeches like a contest speech.

What is the one lesson you learnt during this contest season, that you believe will help you during your future contests?

One of the most important lessons I learnt is to focus on speech content and transitions for better delivery.

Table Topic Speech contest- 2nd Runner up

TM Rithun Kavil Regi


Rithun Kavil Regi a member of the Infosys Toastmasters. He has been a part of toastmasters for the last 6 years.

How has being part of contests helped you?

It has helped me move out of my comfort zone of speaking only in my club to different stages and competing with the best speakers. It has helped me improve, innovate and improvise to become better.

How did you prepare for the contest? Do you have a mentor whom you owe your success to?

For table topics contest it is important to be in a relaxed state of mind. I just worked on being calm and composed. This helped me to conserve my energy and put it to good use on stage.

International Speech Contest – Contestant

TM Chandana Srinivas


Chandana Srinivas has been a part of toastmasters for the last 8 months now. She is a member of the CGI Elite Speakers Forum. Chandana might not have won the contest at Ebullience, but with her speech titled “The First Intoxication” she certainly won a lot of hearts.

What was the inspiration behind your speech?

Life is a continuous flow of experiences. And the lessons I’ve learnt from them became the greatest inspiration for my speech.

What is the one lesson you learnt during this contest season, that you believe will help you during your future contests?

I learnt several things from this pehla nasha of the contest season. I have learnt how to manage my time, I’ve learnt to explore my abilities, learnt the importance of constant practice and much more. Overall a contest like this can make you a better person than you were before.

International Speech Contest – Contestant

TM Rohit Sharma


Rohit Sharma is a newbie at toastmasters. He has been a member of the Infosys Toastmasters Club for less than 5 months now. But this young chap certainly proved that age is just a number with his speech titled “Born Again”.

How did you prepare for the contest? 

The preparation for the contest happened in multiple stages.
1st step was when TM Aalap Mehta proposed the idea that I ought to participate in the contest a few months ago.

Step 2 was when I broke this idea to my mentor TM Rithun Kavil Regi who was equally excited at the proposition.

And the final step was to prepare for the competition which happened over a period of one month.

What is the one lesson you learnt during this contest season, that you believe will help you during your future contests?

The greatest lesson I learnt was to keep things simple.

International Speech Contest – Contestant

TM Supreeth Vedavyasa


Supreeth Vedavyasa is a member of Mecon Communication Club. He has been a Toastmaster for 9 months now. His speech “Nature’s Sequence” was a big hit at Ebullience.

What is the one lesson you learnt during this contest season that you believe will help you the most during your future contests?

Everything that I have seen, heard and witnessed is a learning for me. Be it a contestant’s dramatic delivery or somebody’s poised act on the stage.
My major take away would be to know that this is a place where there is continuous scope for improvement, no matter how good you were the previous time.

What was the inspiration for your speech?

“Man proposes, God disposes” my life has been a typical example for this. Being rejected 6 times for a master’s degree, I have not stopped trying and when I look back at each attempt, I realise that I have learnt something in every failure and grown to be a stronger person every single time. I believe everything happens for a reason which you will eventually find out.

Toastmasters take up the Dhoti Challenge – Next DESTINATION, CORONATION !

Dear Reader,

Let’s relive our culture. Success is blending talent, competency, and culture so as to be proud of our rich past.

The Dhoti challenge was the theme of the 555 meeting of Kochi Toastmasters .To raise awareness about our strong cultural values and make the grand “Coronation 2015” unique, this innovative idea was launched.  To promote and absorb the local culture and practices of each other’s state  culture,  would ultimately make us better Indians and of course sensible toastmasters.


As Kochi is hosting the upcoming Coronation 2015, the organisers feel that everyone in our District should feel comfortable in our local costumes, in other words become a “kochiite” for a day.

By kicking off the “Dhoti Challenge”, we expect one club to challenge another club and thereby get all members to attend a meeting in dhoti and shirt (preferably handloom).  The club challenged can accept it and motivate all members to attend meeting in “Kerala costumes” and on that day challenge yet another club in the neighborhood who would take it. The chain of challenges would go on until the grand coronation meeting at Kochi.

We request all members in our district to take this challenge with a smile, it’s just fun and excitement.

Imagine a “dhoti clad evening at Kochi and even partying in it”. wow!!!

Kochi Group pic e

It’s Celebration, isn’t it?   Dream!!!!!!

You have nothing to lose, but a lot to imbibe

8th April 2015- 

One seed can start a garden
One moment can change a life
One conversation,
Can start a friendship
One step can start a journey
One word can say so much
One smile can brighten a day
One small act of love,
can mean everything to someone
One person can make a difference,
And to me, that person is you.”

TM Prasad  from Beechi toastmasters club,  titled is speech as  ” The Ultimate Technique”. Dressed in a mundu for is project 9 speech, TM Prasad proves by example that one person does make a difference.

In the coming date, the dhoti challenge will surely find its true light.

18th April 2015 – The toastmasters of Mangalore Toastmasters Club  are all set to groove to the tunes of the royal drums (Chenda), to hum the sopana sangeetham (popular music of Kerala) and to savor the scrumptious delicacies of Kerala.


With “Coronation” as the theme, Mangalore toastmasters conducted their meeting in full swing and crowed all the winners with elegant tiaras as a mark of honor and appreciation.


Mangalore is all psyched up for the barrel of fun coming their way. Are you?

24th April 2015 – ITC Pathfinders  meeting number 72  was a spectacle, as we witnessed our dear members dressed up in traditional Kerala attires. Nor did they just set a mood to celebrate the wonderful theme, but welcomed the spirit of coronation 2015.

Theme of Meeting:- “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Our role-takers and speakers began the voyage of fun, frolic, and immense learning.

 Emcee: TM Shankar

General Evaluator: TM Banumathy

Grammarian : TM Rishun

Timer : TM Nimisha/ TM Amritha

Ah counter : TM Santhoshini

 The following prepared speakers delivered their speeches.

 Speaker 1- TM Nikita (Project 7)

Speech title- Inventions by women that changed the world

Evaluation done by – TM Flexon Fernandes

Speaker 2- TM Nishant (Project 4 of ALB- Storytelling)

Speech title- Thank you for firing me

Evaluator of the speech-  TM Aruna

The Table Topic Master was TM Nikita.


Awards for the meeting:

Best speaker :- TM Nikita

Best evaluator:- TM Flexon Fernandes

Best Table topic speaker:- TM Flexon Fernandes

The Magical beauty of Kerala explored by the Pathfinders of ITC

26th April 2015- Members at Toastmasters Indranagar’s Pride  celebrated the theme of Coronation on 26th April, 2015 at their 106th meeting. Our President, TM Chimmu Kutty urged all the members to come dressed in Kerala attire – Mundu/Veshti for this meeting. And surprisingly, we had a good ethnic turnout despite the rain. And those who had no traditional Kerala attire resorted to some white/off white Indian wear.


Just like any other meeting, the SAA, TM Sakthi kicked off the meeting energetically. It was then the turn for our Presiding Officer, TM Chimmu Kutty to take the meeting forward. In summary she said that, culture gives one the guidelines to live by and also connects you with the society. She then paved the way for our Toastmaster of the Day, TM Pratap. He spoke about the rich culture of India and the most interesting highlight from his monologue was – “Every man in his country is a singer when he is happy, and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop at the corner. For them, food is the music inside the body and music is the food inside the heart.” Each and every role player ensured to connect with the theme in his/her own way. At the end of the meeting, we were all left feeling culturally richer than before.

collage of 4


The highlights of the meeting were the participation of the members to proudly sport the traditional attire of Kerala commemorating the spirit of Coronation .


The Mast Mallu’s of  Toastmasters of Indranagar Pride. 

7th May 2015- The The SAA, president, Speakers and evaluators  of Sunshine Toastmasters Club leveled up their swag as they walked in to the meeting in Mundu and Sarees.


Speaker 1,Belmira spoke about Noise and how to lower to lower the ambient noise.

Speaker 2, Amit spoke about the much loved Google’s dark side

Speaker 3, Girish reminded us the joy in simple learning, that retains forever. His interesting props, impressed his evaluator leaving him spell bound.


Table topics was conducted by TM Indradev Babu. 
The most interesting and hilarious of which was, a three people topic :
Person 1- Stole a pig, Person 2 – plays the good cop, Person 3 -Plays the bad cop”. 

The meeting really tickled our funny bones at and stirred our thoughts at places. 


The Sunshiner’s dazzle in the Kerala Attire’s, who is up for the next challenge ?

27th May 2015- Nimish Joseph of IBC Titans Toastmasters Club  took up the dhoti challenge just before the Magnum Opus ” Coronation” . He delivered his P6 titled “Unexpected”


The Munnar Boy’s ” Unexpected” 

EBULLIENCE – Division E Conference

Ebullience is beauty

                                                            – William Blake


It was scorching hot in Bangalore, at 2 in the afternoon when all the exuberant individuals of division E were all set to witness the first annual conference of district 92. The attendees thronged the venue (IFIM, Bangalore) with their spirits not dampened by their sweats. The wide smiles at the reception desk that greeted us, the warm toastmaster-handshakes and the Division E gifts made the day seem perfect.


Nithin Paul Mathew, the eloquent MOC of the day further lifted spirits by musing on how pigeons ate at his house. He also got us teary eyed by telling that in spite of the mess he had to scrub every day, he took a wounded pigeon under his wing and nursed it back to health because that’s what toastmasters do- take people under their wings and lift them up.


This was followed by a mellifluous delight- a flute rendition by Nandakumar Pachikide. to begin the event on a musical note.


Our beloved District Governor, DTM T K Ramesh addressed the audience next. He congratulated the division for all its achievements.

Our LGET, TM Gauri Seshadri enunciated the need to support the speaker on stage. “Laugh, when the speaker intends to be funny”, she said. “Sigh, when he says something sad. And Gasp, when he expresses shock.”

The LGM TM M N Pai motivated the crowd by brining to light all the milestones we’ve crossed as a new district.

The District PRO TM Kavya Gowda narrated her experiences at Morocco where she’d spent a month working with 11 people from 10 different countries. The experience, strangely did not seem mind-blowingly unique, as many of her co-workers felt. “It was in fact was a reiteration of everything I did as a Toastmaster”, she said.

High Winds: The Speech Contest:


TM Supreet Vedavyas was the first contestant. He spoke on “Nature’s sequence”. The speech revolved around the message that though events can sometimes take its own course in our lives, we have to keep climbing with the hope that “The better is coming”

TM Ajay Chitharanjan’s speech, “Be like water” had us all in awe. And we’d remember Ajay if we ever come across Bruce Lee’s quote, won’t we? “When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.” Be Like water!

TM Michael Sebastian was the next contestant and he spoke on “True Contentment”.

Following that, four extraordinary ladies of Division E gave speeches that were visual and aural treats.

TM Rohit sharma gave a dramatic speech on “Born Again”.

The Speech contest concluded with the final contestant TM Aalap Mehta giving speech on “My Punchline”.

The Thunderstorm: Table Topics Contest:


The topic was “You can only lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink

 Uncannily, the sky outside knew what it had to do. It started pouring cats and dogs just as the speakers battled each other with the same tenacity as the storm outside.

The Results:


International Speech Contest:

Winner: TM Ajay Chittaranjan

1st Runner up: TM Aalap Mehta

2nd Runner up: TM Tony Francis


Table Topics Contest:

Winner: TM Chetana Patricia Lobo

1st Runner up: TM Tony Francis

2nd Runner up: TM Rithun Kavil Regi

As the exciting conference came to an end, so did the rain outside. With a pleasant weather to accompany, the toastmasters took home with them some wonderful memories.